Below is how we tackle a customize design from taking an order to ship that to you.

Product Development:
  • Conceptualizing garment designs and patterns.
  • Utilizing CAD software for detailed design creation
Prototype Creation:
  • Generating initial garment prototypes based on designs.
  • Assessing fit, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.
Material Procurement:
  • Sourcing fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, etc., from suppliers.
  • Ensuring quality and timely delivery of materials.
Sample Production
  • Manufacturing sample garments in small quantities.
  • Testing fabric durability, stitching integrity, and overall quality
Quality Control Inspection:
  • Thoroughly evaluating sample garments for defects.
  • Ensuring adherence to design specifications and quality standards.
Production Quality Assurance:
  • Implementing quality checkpoints throughout production.
  • Monitoring stitching accuracy, fabric consistency, and garment assembly
Pre-Production Preparation:
  • Finalizing patterns and adjusting based on sample feedback.
  • Organizing materials and resources for mass production.
Packaging and Labeling
  • Folding, tagging, and packaging garments.
  • Adding labels, size tags, and branding elements as per requirements

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